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West Monroe, Louisiana
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     About Us

Comtech Computers is a home-based business established in 1992. We specialize in quality, custom built computer systems for your home or office.

Anyone can sell you a computer, but unlike department stores, we service what we sell. After 30 days from your purchase we don't make you contact the manufacturer for service or support, we are the manufacturer and we do all servicing and support through our location. When it comes down to service, well, let's just say that's were the market tends to drop the ball. Service is the main reason Comtech is still in business. We don't have all the big adds, the fancy boxes, or the big overhead like the "big boys". We are down to earth people, just like you. We even speak on the same level, not in some self proclaimed technojargan language.

Have you tried to speak with someone for any kind of technical support lately? Now days it's next to impossible to get a human on the other end of the phone line. At Comtech we come to know each and every customer on a first name basis. Now when was the last time you remember that kind of service?

We use nothing but quality parts from manufactures that have been in the business for years and that have well proven themselves. We stay in direct contact with all these manufactures so we can inform you of the latest technology. We don't keep large inventories and try to pass "out dated" merchandise off to you. Yet, we keep enough in stock to get you fixed up incase anything does go wrong. We inform you of all the options and work with you to make the best decision for your personal or business needs.

Now! Can any department store give you service like this? We don't think so! Let us build your next system and experience the difference Comtech can make.